The history of ski


The first skier appeared in the Stone Age in Norway more than 7000 years ago.

The first skis were used by the Norwegian soldiers in the first century A.D and it is interesting to know that Sweden already had troupes on skis in the third century.

1500 years later, Scandinavian immigrants introduced this sport in to the USA and particularly in New England and on the East Coast.

The first skiing competition was held in California in 1850.

The oldest ski was found in a peat bog in Sweden in 1924 and experts believe that it is over 5200 years old.

The Kalvträsk ski is the oldest ski ever known: older than the Egyptian Pyramids.

In the Swedish Museum of Umeå, Västerbotten, you can see skis ranging from the Stone Age to Stenmark’s skis hand made and wonderfully decorated.

In a bog in Finland the bottom part of a sledge dating back 9000 years was found, which shows that North European already used skis.

“Alpine Skiing” takes its name from an English travel agent Henry Lunn who organised a downhill competition to attract his richest customers to the Swiss Alps.

Lunn organised the first downhill competition in 1922,in Switzerland.

Today skiing is no more a means of transport but it has become a very rich and professional sport but it is also practised by millions of amateurs of any age all over the world.    

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