Telemark, apart from being the name of the Norwegian region where ski was born, is also the most ancient downhill ski technique than goes back to 1860. It is the most ancient method used in order to make a comfortable change of direction with the skis on.

Also known with the name of " free heel skiing " it is a way of skiing in freedom. In fact this discipline allows to ski on whatever snow and condition, also without lift systems thanks to the boots that leave the heel free, allowing the skier to walk. There aren't fixed rules in order to practice telemark. Flexibility is one of the more important aspects of telemark.

Telemark is suitable for all those who want to learn to ski in a different, and more demanding way.

The modern equipment, similar to the ancient one, differs from this for the materials. In fact the old wooden skis and the leather boots have been replaced by products which are similar to those for downhill ski. The bindings are structured in such a way that the heel is unblocked to allow the folding, and the boot has a tip longer than a normal one.

Telemark has recently become an Olympic speciality, even though not much widespread yet.


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