The jump starts when the jumper goes sliding down the over hill. He has to go down as fast as possible to reach the maximum length when he jumps, then he stretches the knees and leans the over body forward. During the flying the body should be leaned forward with stretched knees and as straight as possible, the arm movements controlled. 

The jumper tries to reduce the air – resistances and the pressure to fly as long as possible; in the air the jumper has the shape of a V with the skies to hold him up as long as possible.



The Norwegian Sondre Norhein from Morgedal in Telemark, constructed an effective ski binding that you put around the foot and it gave the heel support. His invention gave ski sport new possibilities and the ski – jumping was soon born. The first competition was held in Trysil, Norway on 22 of January 1862. At this time they practised ski – jumping wherever they could, in the forests and wherever the nature gave them a possibility. In 1900 the world record of ski – jumping was 35, 5 meters, today many ski – jumpers have jumped over 200 meters. The sport spread fast to big parts of Europe, North America and Japan and ski – jumping has been on the Olympic program since 1924.


Ski-jumping was first introduced in Sweden in 1880. Dyurgårdens IF, a big sport club from Sweden, dominated the sport in Sweden and they won the first Swedish competition in 1910. Our best ski-jumpers came from the northern part of Swedenforexample.Sven Eriksson from Selgånger, he won Olympic silver in 1936, Thure Lindgren won VM – silver in 1950. The interest of ski – jumping has been going down in the last 30 years. At the end of 1940 Sweden had about 150


There are a lot of different ski jumpers in the northern part of the world. In fact nearly all countries where there are snow and mountains have ski jumpers. The best ski jumpers in the world come for example from Norway and Finland. Even if there are a lot of countries that have ski – jumpers it is not a very popular sport in the world. However in some countries ski – jumping is a very important sport for example in Finland and Germany. There are some important contests and the biggest of them all is of course the Olympic games.

Ski – jumping slope and now we only have a few slopes left. Competition slopes can be found in Gällivare, Sollefteå, Örnsköldsvik and Falun.


In Italy, ski – jumping is not very popular and it is not easy to find facilities to practise it. On the other hand we chance to see it only the occasion of the Olympic games when it is broadcast on TV. We do not exactly know where and when ski – jumping was born, what we know is that ski – jumping is highly spectacular but unfortunately in spite of this it does not enjoy the success of many other winter sports. As a consequence its survival is only due to the economical support of Swedish and Italian federations. As a matter of facts is very difficult to find sponsors who help and give money, as there is not enough network coverage.

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