Short track

Short-track is a spectacular and fast event. Short-track racing is held on a small oval field with at least four skaters for the 500 m and 1000 m races and six skaters for the 1500 m.

Athletes race in a bent position, hunching down to form a 30° angle. Their hands generally touch the ground as they round the curves, helping them to keep their balance and avoid collisions, as well as to help push themselves off at the start of the race.

Short track is divided into the individual and relay categories, for men and women.

In the individual category, all skaters participate in the 500 m, 100 m and 1500 m,  and the competition consists of a series of heats of between four and six athletes. The top two athletes from each heat go through each round until four remain, who then go on to compete in the final. Athletes who cause serious collisions by deliberately pushing or obstructing other competitors are disqualified. No more then one false start is allowed.

Then, eight teams take part in the short-track relay, each with for team members, plus one substitute. Each team may choose the number of laps that their team members complete, but the two final circuits must be  completed by the same skater. Changeovers must be made by touching the next skater, but the athletes also give a large push to the next member to help him to a good start. The changeover may be made only during the two straights, while the last changeover must be made in the “exchange zone”.

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