Description of the sport

Curling is a team sport and is played on ice. A curling team consists of four players: the first player of the group is called the Lead, the second player is known as the Second, and the third is called the Third, or the Vice-Skip. The Fourth, known as the Skip, is the captain of the team. He directs the strategy of the game and calls the shots.

When a stone is slid, two players will use a broom to sweep the field. This accomplishes many things. The sweeping takes away all debris and by passing the broom, the ice gets heated up and the friction between the ice and the stone become reduced. The Hack is a brace where the player who will deliver a stone puts their foot.

The Hog Line is a line that the stone must pass, if it doesn't it will be removed.

The team has eight stones each, and when all the sixteen stones are slid, they give points to the team that has the stone closest to the middle of the house. This is one round. One curling game is finished when eight to ten rounds are played. The object of the game is to complete opponent's stones. Scores are awarded as one point for each such rock.

The rink is forty-two metres long and five metres wide.

History and spreading

Curling first appeared in Scotland in the early sixteenth century.

A stone was founded in Stirling (Scotland), bearing the date 1511.

It was not until 1760 that the first famous Edinburgh Cannonmills Club was established.

It was played originally on frozen lakes and rivers.

Curling came to Sweden in 1846 with a Scottish landowner.

In 1838 a club was formed with the sole purpose of fixing standardised rules for Curling. Curling was first played as an official Olympic sport  in Nagano, Japan, in 1998.

Millions of people around the world are involved an the sport of Curling. Countries that have the sport are England, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Swiss, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and some more. There are over 3.000 Curling clubs in Canada where over 500.000 men, women and children enjoy the sport.

Comparison between Sweden and Italy

The sport came to Sweden in 1846, and is still played. Many clubs have been founded and about 5000 players are currently active in the sport. Curling isn't a very famous sport in Italy, but they have an Olympic team and the sport is growing bigger each year.


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