Cross-country skiing

In Sweden the first unofficial skiing competition was held in 1877 in a small village called Sundsvall but the first official competition had already been held in Norway in 1843 in a city called Tromsö. In 1884 the first world skiing competition was held in Jokkmokk and it was over 22 km long.

If you want to ski you need a licence that costs 120 sek (around 11 euro). The biggest competition are SM, VM and OS.

There are different events: classic and free events. For the classic one male compete in 10 km individual and female in 5 km.

The equipment you need if you want to ski is: ski sticks, ski boots, ski gloves and some clothes made of Crepé nylon. There are two different cross-country techniques. The first is the diagonal stride. This is when you are moving forward with the skis. You move the left ski and the right stick at the same time and then you do the opposite. The other technique is called skate stride. It is a kind of free style. You move the skis like you were moving on ice and the sticks give you support.

Some famous Swedish and Italian cross-country skiers are: Gunde Svan, Tomas Wassberg, Per Olofsson, Torgny Morgren, Mari-Helen Westin and Nones, De Zolt, Fauner, Vanzetta, Di Centa and Belmondo.



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