At the beginning of September and for 4 days, Val Vigezzo becomes the fatherland of the chimney sweepers. In fact the International meeting of all people who made (and still make) this unpleasant job, is hold: a lot of chimney-sweepers coming from all around Europe have met for 17 years in S. Maria Maggiore, Malesco and  recently also in Villette.


Figura 22- Some chimney sweepers all dressed in black on a stone roof

These festival days aim to keep alive a traditional job.

The chimney cleaning demonstration and the parade with the tools are very interesting.

Figura 23- Preserving the memory of the past

Another very important thing is the Chimney Sweepers’ Museum, placed in Santa Maria Maggiore. We find here the typical tools of this job like: the rasp, the street-sweeper, the headgear, the brush, etc.


Figura 24- Chimney sweepers’ tools

The inhabitants, who often obtained poor products from the soil, were obliged to emigrate to France, Germany, Belgium... working as chimney sweepers.

Above all, the children practised this job and most of them were far from the family at the age of six or seven.

There were a lot of cases of sickness, injuries and death in the children’s world too.