In our region there are some typical feasts for example: the traditional feast day of  “SAN GAUDENZIO”, patron Saint of Novara that is celebrated each year on the 22nd of January.

There is also “FAGIOLATA”, a traditional festival organised by some villages and towns around Novara, and during which a typical free meal is distributed to those present. In Marano Ticino and in Borgomanero there is the Palio of the donkeys that is a light hearted race which takes place every year.

On Easter day in Oleggio the “CAKES RACE” take place, that is a walking-race on a long route each contestant must carry a big cake safe as far as the finish line. It’s a historical commemoration dating back to 15th century.

Even the revocation of the antique battles is today a reason to have a feast.

Some of them take place in Olengo, Bicocca and in the woods of the Bertozza farm.


Figure  – The billboard of Oleggio’s carnival