The museum is situated near the Antonelliano Dome. In the museum there are different collected objects such as old furniture, toys, utensils, contained in forty rooms.

The building is an old convent. In 1980, after it had been sold several times, it became a museum, where citizens can donate things to increase the collection. Of all the several interesting rooms (such as cloisters laundry room, old workshop joinery, butcher’s shop, the tavern, the dolls room, the shoemaker’s room, the armorial bearings room etc...) the most important one is probably the wheelwright’s room where rare and precious furnishings and utensils testify a society that doesn’t exist anymore.

The wheelwright was an artisan specialised in the manufacture of transport and art, for the agriculture. The wheelwright’s activity went along with the blacksmith’s activity, which was to supply the iron ring for the wheels.

 It was connected especially with the market that took place in the main square. In the museum the disposition of the furnishing have remained the same since the 18th century, and the objects are contained in showcases.

The account book and other documents are in the Archives of Brotherhood or in the Parish Priest’s library, where some maintenance jobs are made.