In Italy traditions are deep-rooted and many people assemble in groups to keep them alive through dances and music.

In 1971 the Folk Group “Manghin e Manghina” was founded in Galliate and called with the names of two nice local characters; these dialectal names mean in Italian “Domenico e Domenica”.

The singing repertoire includes dialectal pieces from Galliate and popular Piedmont songs. The mostly used instruments are the accordion, the clarinet, the wooden lash, the trumpet, the guitar and the tambourine.

The Group “Manghin e Manghina” performs with about forty members and they represented Italy in many countries all over the world.

The Group is a member of the Italian Folklor Union that supports the organisation of the International Folk Meeting taking place in the second week of June of every odd year, for five days, in Galliate and neighbouring communes. 




Figure 12 –
A moment of the performance in the school gimn at the farewell party