In Novara the Bicocca’s Battle of 23rd of March 1849 is traditionally remembered: the Austrians army, on that occasion defeated the Piedmont army and forced Carlo Alberto, the Piedmont’s King, in favor of his son Vittorio Emanuele putting an end to the First Independence War.

The event is represented by “Gruppo Storico Risorgimentale” that on the same day of this war fact organize a parade composed of 30 people from the 3rd regiment of the Piedmont Brigade and a squad from Bersaglieri who form an infantry line.

Figure 8 – the soldiers’uniforms

The Piedmontese and the Austrians have  different uniforms. The soldiers of Piedmont wear a long  cloth dark blue jacket and a pair of trousers made out of the same texture, with a line to distinguish the regiment. They also wear a trunk-conical heavy hat and a black and white leather belt to keep the cartridge.


The bersaglieri’s uniform is different because of the feathered hat. The artillery soldiers have a uniform with yellow lines. The cavalry soldiers have a short blue jacket, a grey pair of trousers of the color of the regiment and a typical helmet.

Figure 9 – the bersaglieri’s uniform

The Austrian soldiers wear a white short cloth jacket with a tail and the trousers are light blue. The overcoat is grey, the hat is black and the belt is made out of  leather.

The light forge soldiers have a grey, green lined uniform and a typical leathered hat.

The artillery soldiers wear a brown uniform.

The cavaliry has a different uniform in size and decorations. Both, Piedmontese and

Austrians soldiers have guns, bayonets, a sword or a sabre.

The historical research, the fidelity even in the smallest detail makes this group not only a folklore event but above all a real living museum.

Figure 10 – the battle scene