Cameri has 9700 inhabitants and is a very large territory of Novaraís province.

Cameri is in the Ticino valley between the city of Torino and Milano.

In the past the inhabitants of the village lived mainly on agricolture while nowadays the industries have developed very much.

Infact there are factories as: Procos, Bossi, Meritor and a social dairy with good production.

The most important factory in Cameri is the Meritor which has two plants, one in Como and one in Cameri.

Until two years ago it was called Rockwell. It used to produce airplains but now it produces buses.

Another factory in Cameri is Procos, that produces chemical and pharmaceutical products.

The Procos began its production 50 years ago and now it has 235 workers and we can find their products on the American, Japanese and European markets.   

 The Bossi is a textile factory. Thanks to the modern machinary and the skill of its workers the textiles they produce are exported and appreciated all over the world.