Figure 3 – The holy play of Romagnano

The so-called “Good Friday” of Romagnano, that is to say the holy play of Jesus Christ’s Passion can be dated as far back as the year 1729, when the congregation of “Santo Enterro” was established. With time besides the processions, some shows of dramatic pictures developed and got a definitive order only in the last century. They start on the “Good Thursday” with first three pictures ( conspiracy of the Samhedrin, the last supper, and Jesus’ Arrest) but the highest point comes on Friday

* In the morning there is a ceremony showing old habits and customs of the town.

* In the afternoon instead, The Holy play shows the different moments of the Passion up to the Crucifixion.

* In the evening all the characters together with the population accompany the Simulacrums of Madonna Addolorata and of Dead Christ.

On Saturday, finally, they celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Figure 4 - 
Moments of the holy representation