The Walser traditions revive in two moments between late November and early December. On the first Advent Sunday at Macugnaga the so-called “Advent Crown” is celebrated; the local children manufacture crowns using fir branches, on which they set 4 red candles (symbol of the four Advents Sundays); then in costume, they take them into the church for the benediction.

The night between the 5th and the 6th of December is Sant Nikolaus; the Saint, wearing a Bishop dress and accompanied by the “schmutzli” passes from house to house; after having checked the presence of the “Advent Crown”, he reads the children what the Great Book reports about their behaviour, the mischiefs and the good deeds; then he gives them the gifts. The tradition origin is ancient and comes from the North; thanks to the Walser Group it has been revived after a period in which it was a little bit lost. Another Walser moment bound to the Christmas feasts period is the “Luoskufest”, that is to say the Horoscope Feast. Around a table with twelve upside down dishes as many people dance to the accompaniment of the most traditional music. When the music stops, everyone will take the closest dish and discover…..their future.