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Among the most important churches in Sinnai are St. Barbara, St. Isidoro, St. Elena, SS. Cosma and Damiano, and St. Vittoria. The Church of St. Barbara, the Patron Saint of Sinnai, dates back to XV cen. and is in the Gothic-Aragonese style. Inside it there are some frescoes by Sebastiano Scaletta. The ancient part of the little church of  St.Isidoro dates back to 1750, while the new one was built in 1962 in modern style. St. Elena is a little countryside church situated at 2 Kms from the town. It was rebuilt in 1926 with the money of the people of Sinnai. The Church of SS. Cosma and Damiano dates back to XVII century, but their worship is much more ancient all over the Campidano. It is a little far from the town along the road to Maracalagonis, called today Via Costituzione. Inside it some polychrome wooden simulacra dating back to the XVII cen. and a painted on canvas showing the martyrdom of the two saints perhaps by Sebastiano Scaletta. The Church of St. Vittoria is the most ancient in Sinnai and dates back to XII cen. The original Romanic style developed in the Hispano-arabic one. It is situated close to the town up a hill from where you can enjoy a wonderful.

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