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 Sinnai has been inhabited since very ancient times. There are several interesting evidences of the Nuragic period from 1600 b.C to 600 b.C with the presence of the nuraghe “Ferricci” (near Solanas), and the nuraghe and the fortress of S.Itroxia. The rest of a mosaic flooring of a Roman villa , date back to the period included between 220 b.C and 480, they are at Tasonis (about 8 Kms from Sinnai town in the directions to Maracalagonis). Evidences of the Byzantine period , from 500 to 900, come from the names of some among the most venerate Saints in Sinnai like: St Barbara , St. Cosma and Damiano and St Elena. In the period of the Giudicati (Reigns) from 900 to 1400 Sinnai was part of the Giudicato of Cagliari, before passing to the city republic of Pisa and then to the Aragonese. The presence of the Vittorini monks is documented in the area of St Vittoria. They arrived to Sardinia in 1089 and stayed in the village till 1338 about, where they took care of the education of the population and contributed to the increasing of agriculture. Many are the evidences of the Spanish – Aragonese period that goes from 1324 to 1714, like the anti- Saracen sighting tower at Capo Boi and “Monti Fennugu”  now called “Torre delle stelle” (“ Stars’ Tower ”) on the south-east coast.

In the area where Sinnai is now there would have been two villages, Sinnai and Segossini, the first ruled  by the Earl of Quirra Berengario Carroz, and the second by the Duke of St. Clemente. Then the two villages united under the present name. From this period an ancient document remains dated back to 1416 concerning the taxes (“s’affoghigiu”) which the population had to pay to the court of Quirra. Till 1643 Sinnai belonged to the Centelles family and later passed to the Osorios by whom the feud was ransomed in 1839.

 Sardinia was not directly involved  in the First World War, and neither Sinnai. But this centre gave some soldiers to the “Brigata Sassari” (Sassari Brigade) that in part has been founded just in Sinnai. It is remembered the participation of the people of Sinnai to the Second World War drama of the evacuees from Cagliari that were here received with humanity and generosity.

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