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A depliant for Sinnai

In Cooperation with Comune di Sinnai

From the territory, to history and traditions...


 Sinnai , a pleasant town in the district of Cagliari , is placed between the mountains of the Campidano and the gulf of Cagliari .  It is surrounded by the mountains of Serpedd́’ , called Sette Fratelli  (Seven Brothers) and  other ranges ideal for people who love trekking through the woods.

Its territory (one of the widest municipal territories in Italy with its 223 sq. km.) is run through by rivers like Riu Solanas and Riu Monte Cresia. Sinnai gives the lovers of  nature a picturesque and rich landscape of  Mediterranean  scrub and of different types of mushrooms with wonderful colours and  flavours.  Close to the town centre  you can   find  “The Pineta” (Sa Pira) a pinewood rich of ancient and majestic trees, where with a little luck, you can observe rare animals like  the  Sardinian deer, the wild cat, the wild board and the mouflon. All these animals are protected. Along the  road to Villasimius you can enjoy a wonderful view of beaches and creeks. Among these the resort of  Torre delle Stelle (Stars’ Tower)  and Solanas, a place particularly beloved by  tourists in summer, thanks to the fascination of the coast and to the villages rigged in a modern manner. The territory of Sinnai borders with the villages of Maracalagonis, Settimo San Pietro, Soleminis, Burcei and Villasanto. The hamlets of Tasonis and San Gregorio are part of it and offer picturesque and traditional festivals during the entire year.

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