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In Sinnai very suggestive festivals and feasts are celebrated all year long. In this small town, in the month of June the traditional celebration for St. Vittoria are renewed. They are held near the homonymous little church placed on a hill towards the west end of Sinnai. On the second or third Sunday in July St. Barbara, the patron saint of the town, is celebrated. On 26 September the celebration of St. Cosma and Damiano is felt with deep religiousness. This tradition has been renewed every year since the times of the arrival ion Sardinia of the Vittorini monks (XI sec.).

Great is also the people participation both to the festival of St. Isidoro, in May, and St. Elena, in August. The feasts alternate moments of deep religiousness, masses and processions in the local traditional costumes, and profane moments, with raffles, typical handicrafts exhibitions, and selling of traditional food.



The typical  sweets of  Sinnai are  mainly  made with almonds. Among them there are “is pardulas” (made with cheese) “su pan’ e saba” (whose main ingredient is the “sapa”, a sugar melasses  obtained from the wine must) “is Zippulas” (sweets fried in the vegetal oil typical of the Carneval feast)” is Pabassinas” (whose  mixture is made with sugar, almonds, white red grope, candied and orange blossoms water). Very tasty are in particular “is Piricchittus Sardu” (made of the eggs vegetal  oil yeast, flour and vanilla powder). Many of these sweets can be tasted during in honour of the saints Cosma and Damiano celebrated in Sinnai from 24 to 28 September. Among the typical local dishes we can remember the “tratalia” (a braid of sheep entrails) and the “gallinella ripiena” a stuffed little hen that is prepared on Easter  with simple  ingredients such us saffron, parsley and salt .Among the liqueurs the most typical is made with myrtle . Another traditional  product is “su Pani fattu a s’antiga (bread made at “the ancient way”) that the housewives  prepared in war time using  “su frammentu” (dough put aside and become acid used in place  of yeast). 

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