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proff.sse Luciana Piras e Annalisa Ghiani
a. scol. 2000/2001

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Fable created by

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One day a cat searches the town looking for food.

Wandering round and about he arrives in front of a restaurant.

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A waiter goes out to throw the rubbish into the rubbish skip in front of the restaurant. The cat gets near the rubbish skip slowly when suddenly a dog appears. The dog, furious and determined, starts growling. The cat frightened bristles.

A tempting smell of roast meat spreads in the air from the rubbish skip.

The dog and the cat facing each other at a distance, approach the rubbish skip.

The dog growls:

"Push off ! This is my territory!"

And the cat:

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"I first saw the food that the man threw so it's mine!"

And the dog :

"Everything that falls on my territory it's mine".

Then they both hungry jump into the rubbish skip.

The dog who is bigger manages to take up all the room and the cat is forced to dart away.

The dog sinks his teeth into a nice piece of steak and starts to devour it with enjoyment.

The cat watches downcast, dribbling.

Has the dog savours the steak he stops and watches the cat:

"What are you looking at?" the cat's eyes express desire and despairs.

The dog starts to feel compassion and pity. Now the meat less tasty.

The cat understands the change and gets near slowly.

The dog concentrated on his new feelings; lets fall the steak down.

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The cat dashes for forward and can cat finally.

The two animals, full up, decide to share the territory and they become good friends.

From that day on if somebody had bad intentions they helped each other and when there was some hungry stray animal they divided the food with him as good friends.





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