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22 novembre 2000 ore 11.00
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Happy Thanksgiving Day! - 2░ sessione
Moderatore: Jerrod Schreck

Are you ready to eat a virtual turkey? Before joining us in this journey, take a look at our links, suggesting the traditional way of celebrating this American holiday.


M. PLUCHINOTTA, Sant'Agata Li Battiati - CT Classe: 2F
L. DA VINCI, Lacchiarella - MI Classe: 3C
G. MARCONI, Montemaggiore al Metauro - PS Classe: 3A
L. AMAT, Sinnai - CA Classe: 3F

Happy Thanksgiving Day! - 2░ sessione
 >  francesca ...ciao!...
 >  francesca Bentrovati ragazzi, aspettiamo qualche minuto che si colleghino anche le altre classi e potrete iniziare la chat
 >  SMPluchinCT2F good morning
 >  SMAmatCA3F ciao siamo la terza F di Sinnai (Cagliari)
 >  J_Schreck Ciao tutti. I am Jerrod Schreck, an American living in Milano. Hopefully I can help answer any of your questions about Thanksgiving!
 >  SMAmatCA3F Hi, boys and girls! Are you ready to start?
 >  SMMarconiPS3A Good morning nice to meet you!
 >  SMMarconiPS3A Yes we are.
 >  francesca Ok ragazzi, passo la parola al nostro moderatore...direttamente dall'America per voi!
 >  J_Schreck OK, does everyone understand why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?
 >  SMVinciMI3C ciao siamo arrivati,siamo la 3 c di Lacchiarella
 >  SMVinciMI3C yes we do
 >  SMAmatCA3F Yes, we think it is like a birthday for the U.S.A
 >  J_Schreck Are there any questions about the holiday that I can answer?
 >  SMMarconiPS3A When was the first Thanksgiving?
 >  SMAmatCA3F in the 1621
 >  SMVinciMI3C why is it on thursday
 >  J_Schreck America's birthday is celebrated on the 4th of July, Independence Day, the day we signed our Declaration of Independence from England.
 >  J_Schreck Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, because in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln and the Congress selected the fourth Thursday of November as the official Day.
 >  J_Schreck Before then, it was not observed every year on a national level. Usually, it was a celebration of a successful harvest in the fall.
 >  SMVinciMI3C why turkey (animal)is called turkey(like people in Turkey)?
 >  SMAmatCA3F What are you going to do tomorrow?
 >  SMPluchinCT2F can we know who were the first indians the pilgrims met?
 >  J_Schreck For Marconi: The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621 (bravi Amat), but was mostly to celebrate the harvest.
 >  J_Schreck In English, Turkey (the bird) is different from Turkey (the country), and from Turkish people... but I don't know where the word comes from.
 >  J_Schreck For Amat: I am going to the house of some American friends in Rome to celebrate Thanksgiving together and share a traditional meal.
 >  SMPluchinCT2F Tomorrow i'm going to stay at home and have a big turkey!
 >  SMVinciMI3C They were wamapanoag
 >  J_Schreck For Pluchin: Some of the first Native Americans the Pilgrims met were the Wamapanoag tribe. They invited a man named Massasoit from this tribe to their first Thanksgiving meal.
 >  SMMarconiPS3A Are the shops and the banks shut on the Thanksgiving?
 >  SMVinciMI3C Yes of course
 >  SMAmatCA3F What's your favourite dish from Thanksgiving men¨?
 >  SMPluchinCT2F They invited the family of Squanto, a native leader, who had been to England
 >  J_Schreck For Marconi: Nearly every business in America is closed on Thanksgiving day so people can be at home, or travel to be with their families. However, the day after Thanksgiving is a big shopping day.
 >  SMMarconiPS3A On Thanksgiving day is there a religious meaning?
 >  SMVinciMI3C What footbaal match is there tomorrow?
 >  J_Schreck For Amat: Roasted turkey with the stuffing. No doubt.
 >  SMPluchinCT2F Yes, there is a religious and a social meaning
 >  J_Schreck for Marconi: Originally the holiday was set aside to thank God for his blessings. Today, the holiday is only as religious as the family who celebrates it. They can choose to thank God for what they have, or just be thankful to be together.
 >  J_Schreck For Vinci: Usually there are two or three games on TV, both College and Professional. You can watch American football all day if you want!
 >  SMMarconiPS3A Where do you celebrate
 >  SMAmatCA3F Why did you chose the poor turkey as tipycal dish?
 >  J_Schreck For Marconi: This is a holiday that Americans like to celebrate at home with their families. In fact, more people travel to get home for Thanksgiving than at any other time of the year!
 >  SMVinciMI3C Do you meet your family only on thanksgiving or at Xmas too ?
 >  SMPluchinCT2F Because turkeys were,together with deer,the tipical animals of the place
 >  J_Schreck For Amat: When the pilgrims arrived, there were wild turkeys and deer in the area, and I think that is one of the reasons they chose to serve it as a part of the meal. (Bravi Pluchin)
 >  SMVinciMI3C For Amat:because there weren't many other animals
 >  SMPluchinCT2F WE meet our family at Xmas too
 >  J_Schreck For Vinci: Usually my family tries to get together at other times of the year as well, but we definitely try to be together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not this year, unfortunately.
 >  SMPluchinCT2F what did the pilgrims bring with them from England?
 >  SMMarconiPS3A When is Thanksgiving day do you receved any presents?
 >  J_Schreck For Pluchin: Probably not very much. The ships were very small and the trip was very long. Any extra space in the ship was taken up with food and water for the voyage.
 >  SMAmatCA3F Tea, of course!
 >  SMVinciMI3C Do you eat turkey only for Thanksgiving ?
 >  J_Schreck For Pluchin: They brought a few rifles to hunt with, some tools to build and farm with, and their bibles. Remember they left England to find religious freedom.
 >  J_Schreck For Vinci: Traditional Thanksgiving meal is roasted Turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, fresh bread, cranberries, and pie.
 >  J_Schreck For Marconi: Unfortunately, no presents for Thanksgiving. You have to wait for Christmas!
 >  SMVinciMI3C What time do you have a great meal ?
 >  SMPluchinCT2F What about Puritanism?
 >  SMMarconiPS3A Is there a difference between Thanksgiving lunch and Xmas lunch?
 >  SMAmatCA3F If you have problems with fats Thanksgiving is a terrible day for you!
 >  J_Schreck For Vinci: It takes a long time to prepare the meal, so most families begin cooking early in the morning, and eat between 3 and 4 in the afternoon.
 >  SMMarconiPS3A Why isn't there a religious meaning?
 >  J_Schreck For Pluchin: The Pilgrims were believers in Puritanism, and had left England so they could pursue their own religion without the supervision of the Church of England.
 >  SMVinciMI3C Who cuts the turkey in your family ?
 >  SMMarconiPS3A Do you go to church on this day?
 >  J_Schreck For Marconi: There is a religious meeting, in that the celebration was created as an opportunity to thank God for the blessings of the year.
 >  J_Schreck Most churches offer a special service of Thanksgiving, although not every American goes! Usually, I try to go.
 >  SMPluchinCT2F How many days does thanksgiving day last?
 >  J_Schreck For Vinci: There is an old tradition in America that the father (or grandfather) of the family carves the turkey.
 >  SMAmatCA3F The Thanksgiving holidays last from Thursday to Sunday
 >  SMVinciMI3C For Pluchin:the Thanksgiving lasts for four days,a very long weekend
 >  J_Schreck Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November, but most Americans also get Friday off of work. Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in America, as people start to buy their Christmas presents!
 >  SMPluchinCT2F How do you spend the evening on thanksgiving day?
 >  SMMarconiPS3A How many kilos is a turkey and how long does it take to be cooked, do you cook it in the microwawe or in the oven?
 >  SMAmatCA3F We have a sort of Thansgiving in Sinnai!
 >  SMVinciMI3C Are there any parades for Thanksgiving ?
 >  SMVinciMI3C Where is Sinnai ?
 >  SMAmatCA3F Yes, there are parades!!!
 >  J_Schreck For Pluchin: Most people stay at home with their family and watch football or the parades on TV. After such a big meal, no-one wants to go out!
 >  SMAmatCA3F It is in the south of Sardinia near Cagliari!
 >  J_Schreck Turkeys range in size, but the average family will serve one about 5-8 kilos. They take about 4-6 hours to cook in the oven.
 >  J_Schreck When is Thanksgiving in Sinnai?
 >  SMVinciMI3C For Amat:what do you do in Sinnai ?
 >  SMAmatCA3F On the second Sunday in November.
 >  SMPluchinCT2F we have a thaksgiving day in SICONELLA,too
 >  SMMarconiPS3A How do you stuff a turkey,do you use a pan just for the turkey? How much is a turkey and how long before do you buy it? Does the price of the turkey go up for Thanksgiving?
 >  J_Schreck In Italy, is Thanksgiving a day to celebrate the harvest? What kinds of things do you do to celebrate?
 >  SMAmatCA3F Farmes bring their best goods (fruit, vegetables, bread, wine, olive oil) to the church. They wear Sardinian traditional costumes.
 >  SMMarconiPS3A Do you use gravy to dress the turkey?
 >  J_Schreck For Marconi: You make the stuffing from pieces of bread, celery, onions and corn. Then you clean out the inside of the turkey and place the stuffing inside. You do need a special pan.
 >  SMVinciMI3C What do you drink during the meal ?
 >  SMPluchinCT2F At the end of the harvest, farmers have a big meal
 >  J_Schreck For Marconi: A turkey costs about 25 to 35 dollars. Most are frozen, and the price remains about the same throughout the year. Fresh ones cost alot more- 75 to 100 dollars.
 >  J_Schreck For Vinci: We have learned from the Italians to enjoy wine with our Thanksgiving meal- and of course, water.
 >  J_Schreck For Marconi: We use turkey gravy to dress the meat, as well as the mashed potatoes and stuffing.
 >  SMVinciMI3C It is very expensive!
 >  J_Schreck Fresh turkeys are very expensive, so most American families buy frozen ones. In the supermarket before Thanksgiving, you can see hundreds of turkeys in the freezers!
 >  SMAmatCA3F What is "PANMARINO"?
 >  SMVinciMI3C How do you make the gravy sauce?
 >  J_Schreck For Amat: I don't know. Where did you hear of it?
 >  SMMarconiPS3A On this day do you have just the turkey (with vegetables) or do you have a first course (in Italy we have pasta)? How long is the meal? What do you do after lunch?
 >  SMPluchinCT2F Do you wear special dresses on thanksgiving day?
 >  SMAmatCA3F We found it in a Thanksgiving Low Fat Men¨ in internet.
 >  SMVinciMI3C Do you use special dressing for the table?
 >  J_Schreck For Vinci: After the turkey is roasted, you take it out of the pan, and make gravy by adding a little flour, salt and pepper to all the drippings and juices that are left in the bottom.
 >  J_Schreck For Pluchin: Most families get dressed up for dinner, women wear dresses and men wear suits or jackets and ties. The table is set with china and crystal and nice silverware.
 >  SMVinciMI3C What do the children do after the meal?
 >  J_Schreck For Amat: I haven't ever heard of it, but maybe it is a low-fat dessert.
 >  J_Schreck For some children it is a chance to see cousins and relatives that they don't get to be with every day. They usually finish dinner early and go play together.
 >  SMAmatCA3F How old are you, Schreck?
 >  J_Schreck I am 26.
 >  SMVinciMI3C What do you do if the turkey burns?
 >  J_Schreck Try and find a restaurant that is open!
 >  SMMarconiPS3A Thank you bye bye
 >  SMAmatCA3F What are Bush and Gore going to eat tomorrow?
 >  SMPluchinCT2F we must go.Thanks, good bye
 >  SMVinciMI3C turkey is ready,bye!
 >  J_Schreck For Pluchin and Marconi: Bye and Happy Thanksgiving! Good work today!
 >  J_Schreck For Amat: They'll have a big turkey dinner and keep hoping that they won the election!
 >  J_Schreck For Vinci: Bye and Happy Thanksgiving!
 >  SMVinciMI3C thank you and have a nice thanksgiving!Bye,bye.
 >  SMAmatCA3F Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! Bye, bye...Amat!
 >  J_Schreck Good-bye, Amat! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
 >  francesca Grazie a tutti per aver partecipato. Un ringraziamento particolare al nostro Mister Schreck e...a presto!