Every village once a year celebrates a feast to remember a liturgical moment.

In the long run many of these feasts mixed lay and profane aspects with religious features, much losing their original didactic aim.

So the religious element has become a pretext to start the entertainment.

The people of the towns and villages where these feast are held are very fond of their representations and they really believe that each feast is a “Must” not only for the inhabitants but also for many foreigners that take the opportunity also to enjoy the delicious cuisine and the beautiful varied landscape of the area.

Feasts and other entertainments

Carnival parades, country feasts tournaments for the assignment of the supremacy among the different quarters: these are all good occasions to celebrate and be happy.

The reason counts for nothing, the important thing is the occasion to meet and taste the typical original products accompanied with a cup of good wine.

There are committees or true folk groups, whose members work very hard, often for months, for the success of their feasts: some of these groups are internationally well–known.