Mummy Boy  Go back
He wasn't soft and pink
with a fat little tummy;
he was hard and hollow,
a little boy mummy.
"Tell us, please, Doctor,
the reason or cause,
why our bundle of joy
is just a bundle of gauze."
"My diagnosis," he said,
"for better or worse,
is that your son is the result
of an old pharaoh's curse,"
That night they talked
of their son's odd condition
they called him "a reject
from an archaeological expedition."
They thought of some complex
scientific explanation,
but assumed it was simple
supernatural reincarnation.
With the other young tots
he only played twice,
an ancient game of virgin sacrifice.
(But the kids ran away, saying,
"You aren't very nice.")
Alone and rejected, Mummy Boy wept,
then went to the cabinet
where the snack food was kept.
He wiped his wet sockets with his mummified sleeve, and sat down to a bowl of sugar-frosted tana leaves.
One dark, gloomy day,
from out of the fog,
appeared a little white mummy dog.
For his new found wrapped pet,
he did many things,
like building a dog house
ā la Pyramid of Kings
It was late in the day
just before dark.
Mummy Boy took his dog
for a walk in the park.
The park was empty
except for a squirrel,
and a birthday party for a Mexican girl.
The boys and girls had all started to play, but noticed that thing that looked like papier machč.
"Look, it's a piņata''
said one of the boys,
"let's crack it wide open
and get the candy and toys."
They took a baseball bat
and whacked open his head.
Mummy Boy fell to the ground;
he finally was dead.
Inside of his head
were no candy or prizes,
just a few stray beetles
of various sizes.